LaMetric: A smart ticker for life and business

LaMetric: A smart ticker for life and business

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LaMetric: A smart ticker for life and business

Constantly checking the iPhone in order to not miss any news is so yesterday – thanks to LaMetric, a smart ticker.

At first glance the device appears to be a clock, but it is actually much more. The top of the elongated unit features three buttons that are used to navigate between the different modes. In addition to the watch interface the screen displays quite a bit of other stuff. You choose the exact set up via the iPhone, including, for example, the weather, incoming e-mails, a timer, stock quotes, RSS feeds and more. However, thanks to IFTTT support LaMetric is able to do even more.


An Internet connection is being established via WiFi or Ethernet. Utilizing an alternative option you may select a model that features a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need to connect the device to an outlet. Currently the developers are looking for your support via Kickstarter. The original goal of $ 69,000 has been reached already. You have until August 1, 2014 to donate $ 119 in order to be one of the first owners of a LaMetric device.