Paperama: Enjoy the Art of Paper Folding

Paperama: Enjoy the Art of Paper Folding

9.5 iOS Review
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Paperama: Enjoy the Art of Paper Folding

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9 Gameplay
10 Controls
9 Sound & Graphics
10 Replay Value

You are probably familiar with the Japanese art of paper folding. Now you can enjoy it on your iDevice – thanks to the new app Paperama. FDG, the developers behind the game, have in the past been responsible for other beautiful games, including Oceanhorn. A download can definitely be recommended. It is evident that a great deal of attention has been paid to all details.

Various level packs are being offered. You should be able to complete each level with 3 stars, which requires exact folding. A button lets you know the number of moves you are allowed to make. Paperama’s visual algorithm is amazing. The game is able to determine precisely how you folded the paper. Checking out your Origami folding results will always be exact.

Paperama is a great game for all you puzzle and Origami fans. The straightforward rules, the relaxing gameplay, and the accuracy with which the app checks your work of art is impressive. This is one of the best new releases of recent weeks.

Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
Level packs with different degrees of difficult
Pixel-precise “Check out”
Long-term motivation
Only requires iOS 6 or higher

Free - Universal