White-Out: Eliminate your friend’s paintballs

White-Out: Eliminate your friend’s paintballs

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White-Out: Eliminate your friend’s paintballs

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6 Gameplay
7 Controls
7 Sound & Graphics
5 Replay Value

This might be a great game for your next party. Up to four players can participate in “White-Out” and the question that needs to be answered is: Who can aim the best? Each player may choose his own color of red, yellow, green or blue. The screen displays a stylized hill that features randomly generated bumps. Players have to flick their balls towards the hill, trying to overcome the bumps. In addition, the opponent’s balls have to be eliminated – while a player’s own balls need to be cleverly defended, similar to Boule. However, the balls do not just wildly collide with each other. Each one of them leaves a trail that shows their path and creates a tangled, colorful pattern across the screen

4,290 games were registered at the Global Game Jam in 2014. This simple, but thrilling game – that only required 2 days to build – was one of them. Please note: Playing with four people only works on the normal iPad, the mini or the iPhone are definitely too small.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
+ No in-app purchases