Wave Wave: Stress that is truly fun

Wave Wave: Stress that is truly fun

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Wave Wave: Stress that is truly fun

Editor's Rating

8 Gameplay
8 Controls
9 Sound & Graphics
10 Replay Value

Many of the games in the Google Play Store are simply too easy. Real challenges are rare. However, we found one for you: Wave Wave is an app that requires tremendous concentration. You probably get desperate at the very beginning. The game, in which a line has to be drawn through a geometric setting, is over within a few seconds when you first start playing.

However, after your ambition takes over, you keep trying again and again – with success. Although things get pretty hectic and you get annoyed quite often, the game will keep you captivated. It is reminiscent of early video games. There is a reason why it is so successful on all operating systems. You just have to stay with it …

This is a true challenge for all you hardcore gamers. Wave Wave is not only difficult, it is really difficult – which is part of its charm. It can definitely only be played if you are able to give it all you’ve got.

+ Easy to understand, hard to master
+ Addiction potential
+ Straightforward design

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