Waterlogue: Turns photos into watercolor paintings

Waterlogue: Turns photos into watercolor paintings

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Ever since digital photography has established itself, efforts have been made to optimize, manipulate or put a sophisticated touch on the images. There are hundreds of relevant apps for the iPhone and iPad. Waterlogue adds an interesting aspect to the collection.

Waterlogue uses a newly taken photo or works with one from the library. It turns it into an image that gives the impression of having been painted with a brush and water colors. The app reduces a photo to its contours, just to recreate it brush stroke by brush stroke.

You will find a large number of watercolor effects. It is fun to try them out, or use the option to extensively customize them. The result may be saved on the iPhone or iPad.

Waterlogue is a surprisingly easy-to-use photo app that generates remarkable results.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ Results may be shared via Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr
+ Photos may be provided with a frame

3.99 $ - Universal