Transport Tycoon: A classic reappears on the iOS

Transport Tycoon: A classic reappears on the iOS

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PC gamers have been familiar with the Building Games Rollercoaster Tycoon and Transport Tycoon for years. The latter game is finally available in a version for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Chris Sawyer, the developer of the original, has helped to create the iOS game.

And it definitely paid off: Your job is to set up a well-functioning transportation system. The touch screen provides intuitive control. You have to incorporate all kinds of vehicles into the game, including a train, ships, airplanes and more. Thanks to the appealing, retro-inspired graphics you will enjoy hours of fun – regardless of where you are or what season it is.

The game provides variety and very nicely implements the original Transport Tycoon. You will find yourself being captivated by it for hours.

+ Universal app
+ Easy to learn controls
+ Lots of worlds for long-term playing
+ No in-app purchases, but a fixed price

6.99 $ - Universal
Transport Tycoon