Threes!: The first cult game of the year

Threes!: The first cult game of the year

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Every day hundreds of new apps appear in the Google Play Store – most of them are not worth mentioning. However, when it comes to cult games, the Numbers Puzzle Threes! is definitely in the lead. The game is all about the number 3 and lets you enjoy hours of fun.

The goal is to utilize the game filed for as long as possible by coming up with various three-combinations again and again. Try to reach a high score that brings you to the top of the Highscore List. The exciting thing is that according to the values the fields change as well. You should always be quick to merge a 1 and a 2. Discovering other tricks that let you reach a high score is up to you. There are already pages and pages of ideas on how to best move the numbers correctly.

Threes! is an awesome Numbers Game for Android and one of the best new releases of the year. It is a mighty little Puzzle with great addiction potential.

+ Easy to learn
+ Addictive
+ Stylish and clear design
+ Great, suitable soundtrack