They Need To Be Fed 2: The funny and challenging sequel has arrived

They Need To Be Fed 2: The funny and challenging sequel has arrived

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9 Gameplay
9 Controls
10 Sound & Graphics
10 Replay Value

If you are kind of tired of the eternal Jump’n’Run, check out the recommendable game “They Need To Be Fed 2”, which adds a flight-aspect to the mix. The 360 degree Platformer has blossomed into a classic in the Google Play Store. Part one was a huge success already; the continuation – once again – focuses on the principles of gravity.

Jump’n’Run and Fly – They Need To Be Fed 2, the successor of They Need To Be Fed, has landed in the Store. In seven worlds and more than 50 levels it provides lots of adventures. The objective is to collect over 100 diamonds. Also, you will never fall off – which is the funny challenge of the game. We particularly liked the integrated Epic Mode. It can only be unlocked once you have successfully completed the Classic Mode. The Epic Mode stands for: Play the game all over again, with levels that are upside down. You will be in for a surprise!

They Need To Be Fed 2 belongs to the genre of Platformers. If we had to establish a top 10 list, the game would definitely be placed towards the very top. The fantastic animations and the perfectly matching soundtrack complete this app highlight.

+ Two modes
+ Great soundtrack
+ Funny gameplay
+ Challenging
+ Addiction potential

They Need To Be Fed 2