The Tribez & Castlez: Create and protect a magical kingdom

The Tribez & Castlez: Create and protect a magical kingdom

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This Building-Strategy Game lets you become part of a medieval fantasy world. After having been attacked by evil creatures, you have to help Prince Eric to rebuild and protect his kingdom. Many things need to be accomplished all at once. For example, you are required to fight against dragons, trollums, gobuls and other shady characters. You build sawmills and factories, so the inhabitants of the kingdom can return to their everyday work. To provide the most important resource, which is food, you grow wine and eggplant and breed pigs and sheep.

In addition, you explore dungeons, towers and various regions and built protective defense and magic towers. To enlist legendary heroes you have to collect magical objects and earn gemstones. Naturally, you are also getting paid for successfully finishing your tasks, but also when you invite friends via Facebook or Twitter to play and become one of your allies.

This is a comprehensive Adventure Game that features detailed cartoon graphics and gives you plenty to do and discover. It takes, unfortunately, a long time to acquire gemstone currency. You either need to be patient or advertise the game via the social networks, trying to get your friends to join you in the adventure.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
– In-app purchases
+ Supports Facebook and Twitter

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