Textio Speed Reading: How fast can you read?

Textio Speed Reading: How fast can you read?

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Textio Speed Reading: How fast can you read?

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In our fast-paced life we seem to have less and less time available. Still, we would like to read the entire news, as well as books. Unfortunately, that takes time. This is where the so-called speed reader steps up to the plate. Lately, they are becoming more and more popular. Textio Speed Reading, a new speed reader, would like to take part in the action.

Our tests have clearly shown that reading speed can be significantly increased. Textio can be applied to various materials. You are able to import texts from different sources, including links to a website or documents in TXT and PDF format. Great: The app even offers some eBooks, which are copyright-free. It is fast and easy to give Textio a try.

Textio Speed Reading is perfect for quick reading. It lets you determine the reading speed. Importing texts is easy, and even some eBooks are already included.

+ Easy to operate
+ Good results
+ Intuitive import
+ Includes free eBooks
+ Requires iOS 6.1 or higher
– Only available for the iPhone, not yet for the iPad