Tap & Blast: Set off some spicy fireworks

Tap & Blast: Set off some spicy fireworks

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When Red, the imp, eats chili peppers, he is able to light up the night sky by igniting barrels of fireworks. You catapult Red from barrel to barrel, collecting chili peppers along the way to keep his fire going. You can fling the imp out of a barrel by simply tapping on it. But be careful, the barrels move and rotate – make sure you wait for just the right moment.

It is also important that you avoid walls spiked with nails, and try to escape from the sad ghosts – they try to spoil all the fun. However, your biggest enemy is the sun – once it rises the level is finished. The game features 60 levels and several worlds, as well as tricks and power-ups that have to be unlocked. Essentially a Platformer, the comic-style game also includes role-playing and puzzle elements.

The colorful and wild adventure in the night sky is a lot of fun – once you get familiar with it. A comprehensive intro is in the works, as well as additional levels, characters and Game Center support. After that it will have the makings of a cult game.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
– In-app purchases
+ Supports Facebook and Twitter