TaoMix – Relaxing Sounds Mixer: Mix your own relaxing sounds

TaoMix – Relaxing Sounds Mixer: Mix your own relaxing sounds

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Everyone has different ideas about relaxing after a hard day’s work. If you enjoy finishing the day off easy and peacefully, take a look at TaoMix. A few simple taps let you create your own relaxing sounds. The minimalist and ultra-chic interface of the application invites you to experiment.

A timer even lets you utilize your creations while falling asleep. However, before that happens, you need to design your combination of ambient sounds. You have the choice of almost 50 different sounds, including rain and birds, to put together your calming soundtrack. The basic version is free, but you may switch to the full version right from within the app.

TaoMix lets you create beautiful, relaxing sounds via a stylish user interface. You don’t need to be a professional musician. A few simple clicks are all it takes to create sounds that can also be used in the timer.

+ Free basic trial version
+ Timer for a relaxed way of falling asleep
+ Lots of sounds to incorporate into the “mixer“
+ Easy to operate
+ Stylish design

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