Soccer Rally 2: Kick, dribble and score with your car

Soccer Rally 2: Kick, dribble and score with your car

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Soccer Rally 2: Kick, dribble and score with your car

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6 Gameplay
8 Controls
8 Sound & Graphics
7 Replay Value

The setting is a huge arena in which you drive a car, trying to get possession of a large ball and sinking it into the opponent’s goal. Make sure you avoid obstacles and prevent the opponent from scoring a goal. Nine vehicles are available to choose from. They include anything from a station wagon to a racing car, each one with its own characteristics in regard to handling and performance. The action takes place in various arenas and includes 20 tournaments with more than 90 challenges. Earned coins may be used to tune up your car and visually revamp it. To make things interesting, you also play with a beach ball, a basketball or a hockey puck. In the Career Mode you compete against a computer opponent. In the Multiplayer Mode you face your opponent across the iDevice and have the choice of arenas and balls. Since you apply tapping and swiping motions to control your car, we recommend using the iPad, rather than trying it on the smaller iPhone.

This car soccer game impresses with quite realistic driving behavior of the cars and the fact that you can win fairly easy in the single player mode – making in-app purchases unnecessary. However, in the long run the gameplay does not offer enough variety and it would be nice, if the cars would get faster as the game progresses.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
+ Supports Facebook and Twitter
+ Local multiplayer
– In-app purchases

Free - Universal
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