Smo: Fast Air Hockey clone for two players

Smo: Fast Air Hockey clone for two players

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Smo: Fast Air Hockey clone for two players

Editor's Rating

6 Gameplay
7 Controls
7 Sound & Graphics
8 Replay Value

In this sports game, based on air hockey, you use your iDevice to play against an opponent. On the divided board you both control a disk with your finger, applying swiping motions. You use the disk to push the puck into the opponent’s half, trying to hit the edge of the board as often as possible. When the opposing player pushes the puck back, you have to prevent it from hitting the edge in your half. To catch and push the puck back requires quick reflexes. The minimalist game design features a colored game board and puck, as well as rankings that are displayed in multicolored graphs.

This is a good game idea. However, since it does not feature a single player mode, you are dependent on a fellow player. We recommend that you use an iPad to play. The small display of the iPhone is not suitable, since two fingers will cover up a large part of the playing field, preventing you from reacting fast enough.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
+ Supports Facebook and Twitter
– In-app purchases
– No single player mode

Free - Universal