Small Fry: A new Casual Game starring a little fish

Small Fry: A new Casual Game starring a little fish

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Small Fry revives the genre of Casual Games. The developers of the sidescroller have not just focused on one world, but rather on three of them. The little fish has to show what he is capable of in the water, in the air and in space. There is also the matter of “Big Mack”, the shark. Small Fry has to avoid him at any cost.

The game is easy to control: If you want Small Fry to swim, take your finger off the screen. When it becomes necessary for him to disappear, due to sea or space enemies, keep your finger on the display. Minor, but not compelling in-app purchases, and the obligatory power-ups complete the cute game – which is rather suitable for the younger generation.

Small Fry is a cute Casual Game for in between. The characters have been lovingly drawn and the easy control will not cause any problems, even for younger users.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod, iPad
+ Easy to operate
+ Nice animations
– Does not provide long-term motivation

Free - Universal
Small Fry