Slots HD 1.2.2: Fun with the one-armed iPad-bandit

Slots HD 1.2.2: Fun with the one-armed iPad-bandit

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Every casino in the world has one-armed bandits. The slot machines have changed significantly over the last few decades. They now work completely digitally, offer bonus games plus a whole lot more. The fact remains that it is fun to play them. However, in the end the machine always wins.

Slots HD simulates multiple slot machines directly on the iPad. Four machines are being offered that may be used after they have been activated via in-app purchase for $ 2.39. The player is then ready to go – he can bet virtuel money on 20 “lines” and pull the handle. The payoff charts indicate what the slots pay for various winning combinations and which arrangement of symbols will start one of the 12 possible bonus rounds.

The goal is to increase the virtual money and end up leaving the casino as a multi-millionaire.

Conclusion: one of the best slot simulations on the app market. It is very close to the reality of actually being in the casino.

+ No money can actually be lost
+ Casino like slot machines
In-app purchase for all machines