Slingshot: The latest from Facebook

Slingshot: The latest from Facebook

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Slingshot: The latest from Facebook

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Facebook introduces a new chat idea, trying to compete with Snapchat. The latest creation is called Slingshot and offers an unusual new way to exchange photos. You are only allowed to open an image that you received if you respond with one of your own. The purpose is to create longer and more interesting conversations.

Once you discard a photo, it is no longer visible and cannot be restored. Since just an image is often times not enough, you may embellish it with texts and color. Short videos are an option as well. If you don’t have time to look at a photo when it arrives, you may postpone your answer. Naturally, you do not get to check out the photo until you answer.

Facebook presents an interesting and new idea. In theory this could result in some really funny conversations. However, this is not necessarily always the case. Snapchat definitely acted as the model for Slingshot.

+ Promotes longer conversations
+ Images do not remain visible for long
+ Videos may be sent out as well