Shine Runner: A dangerous swamp adventure

Shine Runner: A dangerous swamp adventure

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Anyone that has ever been to florida, is probably familiar with the turbine-powered boats that let you zoom through the Everglades. The smartphone turns this compulsory tourist attraction into something that has a slightly more dangerous approach.

In your speedboat you are racing through the countryside – clearing everything out of the way that’s not nailed down. Naturally, the Bayou is full of alligators, snakes and lots of other enemies. The game is operated via tilt-touch control. You also have the option of using a gamepad via Bluetooth and USB. Shine Runner even impresses on the HD television with good graphics. You are able to transport it to the big screen via HDMI Out.

Shine Runner treats you to an action-packed adventure. The characters are humerously animated, and the boot physics are absolutely realistic. Bags of money, ramps, narrow fairways – nothing is safe from you.

+ Good control
+ Plenty of action
+ Can be played on the big TV screen
+ Gamepad compatible

Shine Runner