Sailboat Championship: Set sails and stay on course

Sailboat Championship: Set sails and stay on course

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The developers at Infinite Dreams are known for good quality. Just take a look at the app Sailboat Champions and you know what we are talking about. On your path to becoming the ultimate sailing master you can enjoy the crisp graphics of this adventure. Your goal is to complete either a race or a regatta.

Gradually, additional boats are being unlocked. The courses are diversified and feature a moderate level of difficulty. The control is definitely a success. After just a short period of time you know how it works. The good overall package is completed by a beautiful soundtrack and the hours of fun that are in store for you in the various levels.

This sailing trip has what it takes: The exciting adventure impresses with detailed graphics, a very good gameplay and a great soundtrack. You will enjoy the control features – after the very short period of time it takes to get used to it. This is definitely a game with addiction potential.

+ Realistic graphics
+ Interesting gameplay
+ Great soundtrack
+ Also suitable for beginners

Sailboat Championship