Safe Cracker: Can you work your way into the safe?

Safe Cracker: Can you work your way into the safe?

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In this Physics Puzzler you have to help an attractive thief, by taking on the role of the spherical Nano, entering safes and cracking them from the inside. The game offers 64 levels and each one should be finished by collecting three stars – if possible. In each lock Nano has to roll over the red fields. Three of them contain a star. Try to roll over those first to collect the stars before your time is up.

After that you can take your time with the other fields and locating the exit. Tricky obstacles, like bottlenecks and laser beams, obstruct your path. You control the game via two buttons that turn the board and let Nano roll, or by tilting your device.

This is a very entertaining and fast-paced Casual Game. It features excellent graphics and an unusual control, which soon becomes second nature.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
– In-app purchases
+ Supports Game Center

Free - Universal
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