Roll back home: Black, white and original

Roll back home: Black, white and original

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Did the developers of “Roll Back Home“ perhaps run out of color? At first glance it looks as if they have – a closer look, however, reveals that it was done on purpose. The Physics Puzzle, which features stickman-style pencil drawings, not only poses a playful, but also visual challenge. Because of the black and white look you focus more on the tasks.

The challenge: You tilt you game device and have to guide the ball through each level, avoiding obstacles and applying physics tricks. Not only do you have to get the ball rolling, you also have to make it jump. However, a wrong jump may have fatal consequences, since you are not able to override the laws of physics. And by the way, keep an eye on the clock – it’s ticking.

Roll Back Home impresses with an original look and tricky gameplay. The app is reminiscent of the Stickman series pencil drawings and provides hours of puzzle fun, including a highscore chase. If you enjoy “Roll Back Home” check out “Dream of Pixels” by the same developer.

+ Universal app
+ Great Physics Puzzle
+ Supports Game Center
+ Original optics
+ Requires iPhone 4 or higher
– Slightly expensive

1.99 $ - Universal
Roll Back Home