Robots Love Ice Cream: Colorful and sticky shooting fun

Robots Love Ice Cream: Colorful and sticky shooting fun

7.5 iOS Review
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Robots Love Ice Cream: Colorful and sticky shooting fun

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7 Gameplay
8 Controls
8 Sound & Graphics
7 Replay Value

In this Arcade Shooter some series battles takes place – with scoops of ice cream, popsicles and other ice cream specialties. Your planet is being invaded by Spinston, the robot. He and his buddies want to steal your delicious ice cream. With your ice cream truck you zoom from one besieged ice cream parlor to the next, shooting at the thieves in the sky. Each kind of ice cream has different abilities. You have to carefully consider which kind you use to shoot at specific enemies – if possible with effective combinations. If you are successful you earn Sprinkletonium, which lets you purchase and upgrade weapons. Once the ice cream supply of your planet has been saved, you fly off into space to protect 20 additional planets from the ice cream thieves. Each planet provides special challenges that let you earn extra Sprinkletonium.

Rarely has a Shooter been this colorful and cute: The 3D animated worlds with their funny characters and whimsical details are fun at any age. The control with its virtual buttons and the gradually increasing level of difficulty is easy to handle. Tip: Visit planets several times – new challenges are waiting for you.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
+ Supports Game Center
– In-app purchases

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Robots Love Ice Cream™