Robird for Twitter: A great alternative to Twitter

Robird for Twitter: A great alternative to Twitter

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Robird for Twitter: A great alternative to Twitter

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8 Value of Benefit
9 Usability
9 Design
9 Reuse Value

Do you tweet? Do you always want to keep an eye on your timeline? If you do, you don’t have to use the original Twitter app. Robird for Twitter is still a relatively unknown Twitter client, which should soon change from being an insider tip to a default app. Our impression is that the Twitter client is less cluttered than the original.

Although the app is simple to operate, it contains lots of great features. For example: You are able to upload several images simultaneously. The speed of the application is impressive as well. Also included is a background auto refresh. Unfortunately, it is still missing the option to use several accounts at once, accommodating users that want to keep professional and personal accounts separate.

Robird for Twitter is a fabulous alternative to the original Twitter client. The app is optimized for the tablet and runs fast and smooth. Many good additional features broaden the offer.

+ Terrific design
+ Very fast
+ Tablet UI
– No multiple accounts usage as yet

Robird for Twitter

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  • henry says:

    umm .. no iOS version ? thats rare and such a joke ‼️this blog shouldn’t report any android only app at all