Remember When 1.01: Important relationship dates

Remember When 1.01: Important relationship dates

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Women love it when their partners remember all the important dates that are relevant to their life. Guys are supposed to recite – even in their sleep – when the relationship began and how many years the couple has been married. For some reason it seems quite easy to remember all kinds of sports results, however, when it comes to personal dates a guy’s memory isn’t up to the task.

To begin with, “Remember When” asks for someone’s own dates, followed by those of the partner. The app would also like to know when the couple met and if and when they got married. It then does a little magic with the numbers and discloses, for example, how many years, month, days and hours the couple is married already.

The app reminds the user about Valentine’s Day, the birthdays of both partners and wedding day anniversaries. It further shows – for married couples – in how many years their golden or silver wedding anniversary takes place.

“Remember When” is a nice tool for all of those that want to avoid any kind of relationship damage.

+ Accepts a photo of the couple
+ Synchronizes events with the iOS calendar
– Could collect more data

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