Red Ball 4: Race, jump, hop – and have fun

Red Ball 4: Race, jump, hop – and have fun

8.25 iOS Review
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Red Ball 4: Race, jump, hop – and have fun

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8 Gameplay
9 Controls
8 Sound & Graphics
8 Replay Value

A great Casual Game from the developers at FDG is conquering the charts. You are most likely familiar with Red Ball. Red Ball 4 is a remake that features a modern design and offers significantly more game fun. During his fight against enemies the red ball makes his way, ideally, through 45 levels. You have the option to test Red Ball 4, but the complete set of levels needs to be unlocked for a fair in-app purchase price.

The comfort that is being provided definitely justifies the price. Besides the popular boss fights, and a nice soundtrack, the developers are also offering iCloud support, allowing you to synch several devices. iOS 7 game controllers are being supported by Red Ball 4 as well. Don’t let anything hold you back from rolling and jumping through the summer!

Red Ball 4 is an entertaining and recommendable Casual Game. It impresses with humor and some nice additional features. Among other things iCloud sync is included, making play across all devices significantly easier.

+ Easy to understand gameplay
+ Universal app
+ iCloud support for Savegame
+ Boss Fights
– Requires almost 100 MB of storage to download
– Complete set of levels only via in-app purchase (at a fair price)

0.99 $ - Universal
Red Ball 4