Ran Real Boxing by Felix Sturm: Ready, steady, fight!

Ran Real Boxing by Felix Sturm: Ready, steady, fight!

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Felix Sturm is a name every boxing fan should know. In Ran Real Boxing, he is the main character. Your aim is to win all three major boxing titles with him. Your opponents all have different strengths and weakness, so first of all you need to learn the right techniques in a tutorial. You swipe to aim at and hit opponents and press a block button to protect yourself against attacks.

The boxing events take place in many different cities. You start out in New York. If you are successful, you continue in other locations like Las Vegas or London. But training is important too: by winning fights and gaining training experience, you can upgrade your boxer with tattoos or new equipment. This way you can even prevent the need of buying new content via In-App Purchase.

Ran Real Boxing is both rich in variety and challenging — especially in career mode. The graphical effects are satisfying and it is fun to pimp your hero in various situations.

+easy to learn thanks to extensive tutorials
+long career mode
+many different opponents
-sometimes, the game lags in crucial situations