Rabbids Big Bang: A rabbit’s outer space adventure

Rabbids Big Bang: A rabbit’s outer space adventure

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Using a baseball bat you send Rabbid, a crazy looking rabbit, into the orbit of a planet or outer space. In 150 levels you have to help him meet specific challenges – like circling a planet, collecting stuff or bouncing on a space cow. Movement is triggered by a planet’s gravity or a jetpack.

For each accomplished mission you collect coins, which may be used for upgrades. You could, for example, improve the jetpack or reinforce the baseball bat. In each level the goal is to collect three rabbits (instead of the usual stars). If you do well in the ranking system new achievements may be activated

Rabbits in outer space are something quite funny. The Casual Game contains lots of crazy ideas, like space ducks and cheese planets, and is easy to control. However, the parental gate, with its simple computing tasks, can probably be outsmarted by any second grader …

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
– In-app purchases
– Parental gate only for children 6 years and under

0.99 $ - Universal
Rabbids Big Bang