Puzzle Retreat 1.2: Awesome block-sliding puzzle

Puzzle Retreat 1.2: Awesome block-sliding puzzle

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“Puzzle Retreat” is a new puzzle game for the iPad and iPhone. In 96 levels the goal is to fill all blank fields of a wooden board with blocks, which are located on the edge of the game board. Once a block is pulled onto the board it will be placed on the nearest empty field, making it look as if it is covered with ice. Should the closest field be filled already, the box is put on the next closest, empty field and so forth.

The first few levels are fairly easy to solve. However, soon the challenges get pretty tough. Fields have to be filled in a specific order, since it is the only way to get to the ones that are further away.

New kinds of blocks are added in the higher levels. There are, for example, blocks that cover two or three fields at once, as well as some that redirect or incinerate them. Luckily, all steps are reversible.

“Puzzle Retreat” is a really cool logic puzzler. Anyone that enjoys this original game may install additional level packs via in-app purchase.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ 96 levels are included
– In-app purchases make the app more expensive

Free - Universal
Puzzle Retreat