PopWeb: A browser for multiple windows

PopWeb: A browser for multiple windows

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PopWeb: A browser for multiple windows

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Browsing is something that nearly everyone does nowadays. However, only being able to have one window actively open is annoying. PopWeb provides a remedy. The browser allows you to open several windows side by side. It all starts with one window, which you use to surf as usual. If you open a link, an additional window opens next to the first one.

Both of them may be used parallel to each other, without having to constantly switch back and forth. Naturally, each window may be maximized as well, filling out the whole screen. So things don’t get too confusing, opened pages may be moved within the field of vision or even removed from it. An alternative would be to simply open a new “space”, which results in being presented with an empty screen, while the old tabs are being saved and can be recovered at any time.

The browser is definitely a must-have app for devices that feature a large screen. Since it is still being developed, we are expecting further practical features for the future.

+ A convenient tool for productive people
+ Provides the option to open new space
– Still in the beta phase

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