Poptile: Perfect for Tetris fans

Poptile: Perfect for Tetris fans

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Poptile: Perfect for Tetris fans

Editor's Rating

7 Gameplay
8 Controls
8 Sound & Graphics
9 Replay Value

Anyone that loves playing Tetris, should check out the new and colorful app Poptile. The developer of popular games like Bicolor or Mr. Flap has definitely modeled his newest Casual Game after Tetris. The objective is to remove little tiles of the same color. Additional rows appear on the screen from the bottom. They offer the opportunity to assemble new combos, but also make the task more difficult.

The game is great for in between. Because it only requires 6.3 MB to download, it can easily be loaded while on to go. It is a fantastic pastime. Eliminating ad banners from the free game may be accomplished by paying a small sum in-app. The developer also supplies extra themes for a minimal in-app price – in case you feel the included themes are not sufficient.

Tetris lovers will appreciate this Casual Game. It is ideally suited as a pastime, in case you don’t want to get involved in a complex game while on the bus or subway.

+ Free
+ Universal app
+ Straightforward game concept
– Advertising (can be removed in-app)

Free - Universal