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Many people get their smartphone out of their pocket as soon as they have some spare time to avoid getting bored and play small and short games like Angry Birds or Doodle Jump.

In Popop you have to tap small colorful circles on the screen in order to make them vanish. The challenge: the circles move erratically and there are also other objects like lines and squares, which you mustn’t touch – otherwise the game is over quickly. As soon as you download the free app, you will be able to play 9 different levels with increasing difficulty level. If you want more, you can buy an additional pack via In-App purchase. The levels are quite hard from the beginning, which may result in frustration. Additionally, there is little diversification. The graphics are elegant and suite the game well.

Popop is a game for in-between with simple and elegant graphics. Unfortunately, the levels are so hard that it can get frustrating sometimes.

+ clear design
+ more levels available as In-App purchase
– quite hard and easily frustrating
– little diversification
– big download size

Free - iPhone