PicCandy – Doodles and Text Overlays on Image: Let your photos tell a story

PicCandy – Doodles and Text Overlays on Image: Let your photos tell a story

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Whether you want to make your pictures look good, or use them to convey a special message, “PicCandy” provides countless opportunities to do so – many of them free. 15 effects and filters add a special touch, without interfering with the image’s details. Included are a retro or cartoon look, as well as snow or light effects. Apply script and pictograms to your heart’s content by using characters, symbols or speech bubbles. You can select from hundreds of ideas of artists and designers by simply scrolling through the categories. Or, you have the option to use the drawing mode. It lets you create your own pictograms and text blocks by applying one of the various brushes, colors, shadings or outlines. Designing takes place in a detail friendly and large format, with the subsequent choice of adjusting the size of the pictogram. In the end it only takes a tap of the finger to share your finished works of art.

This is an app that will inspire you to become creative by providing great ideas. However, it might ultimately be more exciting to add your individual touch to a photo and let it tell a story. You probably start out with changing a template, and quickly and easily advance to developing your own pictograms. The results are amazing.

– Only available as iPhone version
– In-app purchases

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