PhotoComp: Reduce your images to any desired format

PhotoComp: Reduce your images to any desired format

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Often times the format of a photo doesn’t fit, because the designated space is too small or too narrow. One option would be to crop the image. However, if you want to keep it the way it is, “PhotoComp” may be the way to go. You can quickly and easily compress images or change the format. Simply select one or more photos from your albums and apply the size that you prefer, without reducing the focus or loosing part of the image. Your options include image formats from 2×3 to 16×9, a reduction factor in percentages and a compression rate. Several pictures can be changed simultaneously and saved in folders. You may also share the images via Twitter or e-mail.

This is a small but mighty app to adjust your images for various purposes.

– Only available as iPhone version
+ No in-app purchases
+ Supports Twitter

Free - iPhone