Payfriendz: Requesting and sending money made easy

Payfriendz: Requesting and sending money made easy

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Payfriendz: Requesting and sending money made easy

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Payfriendz is a service that lets you send money to friends in a fast and easy manner. It has probably happened to you too: You are out and about and don’t have any cash on you, so you quickly borrow something from a friend. To facilitate paying it back without delay, Payfriendz may be utilized. The app not only allows you to send money out, you may also request a payment from friends.

In case you need to pay for something, a few clicks are all that is required. Just enter a message and an amount and the sum will be deducted and send out. The app automatically adds the contacts from your smartphone into your list of friends. Another option is to connect Payfriendz with Facebook to have even more individuals added. Even the use of various currencies is possible. The regular use of the service is completely free.

Making a payment or requesting an amount owned has never been easier. Simply select the amount, write a message – done. Transactions in Euros are free of charge

+ Straightforward menu navigation
+ Euro transactions are free of charge
+ Good, precise design