Path, the slightly different and more private Facebook

Path, the slightly different and more private Facebook

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It does not always have to be Facebook when it comes to sharing private experiences or opinions with friends. You can narrow down your circle of friends by utilizing Path, for example. The ad free social media app, which features a great design and includes stickers and filters, allows you to share information with a restricted group of really close friends.

The new main focus is on private sharing. You decide what is private and what your friends should know. You have the option to create something that Path calls an “Inner Circle”. Only a selected group of individuals is able to see your posts. The path feed can be filtered in such a way that only the “Inner Circle” is visible.

Path is a stylish and smart social media app that keeps things private. Stickers and photo filters make sharing more fun than with other networks.

+ Great design
+ Private circle
+ Lots of stickers
+ Beautiful photo filters
+ Music, movies and books may be shared too