Panzer Tactics HD: Into battle!

Panzer Tactics HD: Into battle!

9.25 iOS Review
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Panzer Tactics HD: Into battle!

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10 Gameplay
9 Controls
9 Sound & Graphics
9 Replay Value

A mix of strategy and tank battles conquers the App Store. The newly released Panzer Tactics HD, an HD remake of the well-known Nintendo DS classic, is especially worth it at launch because the developers are feeling generous. You can get the game, which already comes with a 10-hour campaign in its basic version at the bargain introductory price of EUR 4.49 (USD 4.99). The price will go up to EUR 7.99 / USD 8.99 soon.

So now’s your chance – get it and save some money at launch. There are other reasons the game is worthwhile: After finishing the first campaign, you can expand the game in-app with two additional campaigns. 33 missions and other scenarios await you. That’s a total playing time of around 60 hours.

And it’s not just the total length of the game, but also the gameplay itself that impresses: The turn-based game is set in 1939, shortly before the outbreak of World War II. You can either join the Soviet Red Army, the German Wehrmacht or the Western Allies. There’s no limit to your tactical skills on your way to Stalingrad. 150 units and 30 officers are at your disposal. The challenges are diverse: Seasons, terrain and weather won’t make things easier. No two games are the same. You can also fight battles against the AI.

In a nutshell:
Panzer Tactics HD revitalizes the Nintendo DS classic for iOS. With 60 hours playing time, you can look forward to heated battles and up to 33 missions. The basic version offers 11 missions. The full experience with all missions brings it to a whopping 60 hours.

+ 60 hours of gameplay
+ Lots of missions
+ Low launch price (only for a limited time)
+ Battles against the AI
+ Mix of action, tactics and strategy

3.99 $ - iPad
Panzer Tactics HD