Pack the Bag 1.5.5: Lets pack the suitcase!

Pack the Bag 1.5.5: Lets pack the suitcase!

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Every family has experienced it: you get to your vacation destination and realize that important things have been forgotten at home. No more – the app “Pack the Bag” will help to get it right, before the start of the trip.

The app will store any number of personal packing lists. To make things even easier, it created a list with the 650 most commonly used items, that may be needed when traveling. You can choose from 26 categories. Specifically prepared lists for camping, vacation rentals, business trips and much more are available. Individual items may be transferred to your personal list. Any missing objects can be recorded later on in the app.

Once your personal list has been established each object will be itemized. It can also be recorded how many of each item you need. This way it is easy to check of everything that is being packed.
The app is free of charge, but advertising funded. For $ 0.99 the advertising will be eliminated.

A very handy tool when traveling – especially for those of us who tend to forget something.

+ A packing list reminder for timely packing
+ Lists of items that need to be packed can be sent via e-mail
+ 650 most commonly used items in 26 categories

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Pack The Bag