Overcast: New podcast app with voice amplifier

Overcast: New podcast app with voice amplifier

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Overcast: New podcast app with voice amplifier

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The App Store offers plenty of podcast apps. Even Apple has its own “podcast” app – however, it doesn’t really impress users. An alternative would be Overcast, an app that has just been released by an old acquaintance. The program was developed by Marco Arment, who many of you are probably familiar with. He invented and popularized the app Instapaper.

With Overcast Arment tackled a new project. The player offers the standard features, which we know from competitors such as Pocket Casts or Castro. The app requires an account and impresses with two new ideas: “Voice Boost” amplifies the voices of the speakers, so you can hear them more clearly. “Smart Speed” automatically edits out passages that a speaker makes when he pauses – which saves some time.

Overcast does not re-invent the category of podcast apps. However, the app impresses with a stylish design and unique features that cannot be found in other podcast apps. An account is required and can be created in the app. The reason: Podcasts are downloaded from Overcast servers, they are not being streamed.

+ Voice amplifier
+ Smart Speed function
+ Playlists may be sorted according to your own rules
– Full version needs to be purchased via in-app
– No support yet for video podcast and iPad
– Chapter markers cannot be set

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