Outread-Speed Reader: Speed up your reading

Outread-Speed Reader: Speed up your reading

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With Outread an iOS app is being introduced to the Store that makes it its business to speed up reading. This seems like a great idea – especially when life gets a little hectic. Looks play a part as well. The app is not only about speed, but also about appearance.

This is how it works: First, you link the app with a Read-it-later service – Readability, Pocket or Instapaper, for example. You pre-define the size of consecutive text sections and Outread highlights them in color, sorted by size. The app then guides you from section to section, making it easier to read the entire text. There is no need for you to scroll; Outread takes care of it all.

It seems like a daring enterprise, trying to make reading faster and nicer on the small iPhone display. Nevertheless, the eye-pleasing principle of Outread works very well in practice.

+ Allows easier and better reading on the iPhone
+ Easy to use
+ No more scrolling of large texts
+ Installation of bookmarklets for Mobile Safari
– Requires iOS 7 or higher
– Not yet available for the iPad

2.99 $ - Universal
Outread – Speed Reading