Oscilab: A synthesizer dream for beginners and pros

Oscilab: A synthesizer dream for beginners and pros

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Oscilab: A synthesizer dream for beginners and pros

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8 Value of Benefit
9 Usability
8 Design
9 Reuse Value

Smartphones and tablets are not just suitable for listening to music, they can also produce sounds. The app Oscilab offers a practical function to accomplish just that. You may record four different synths simultaneously for your tracks. The package includes different instruments for various sounds. A very special feature is the “interactive” manipulation of the waves.

Different forms of waves are easily created via drag and drop, resulting in very special sounds. So they all don’t sound the same, you apply various effects. Once you are satisfied with the sound you generated, it may be exported via SoundCloud or opened in another installed app to continue working on it. Operating the app is simple and easily learned – even if it takes a little longer until you are familiar with all the features.

Creating sounds works very well and is easily accomplished. Some unique features, such as the interactive wave manipulation, definitely improve the user experience.

+ A variety of sound options
+ Easy to operate
+ For beginners and pros
+ SoundCloud export
– Slightly expensive
– No Audiobus support

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