NinJump Rooftops: Endless Runner on Chinese rooftops

NinJump Rooftops: Endless Runner on Chinese rooftops

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In the previous “NinJump” you had to aim high – now your Ninja is sprinting, riding, and flying straight ahead. You control his endless journey across rooftops via touch control, by simply touching the location that you want him to move to. Make sure you collect coins to you increase your three power-ups: Jade coins to revive your character in case he crashes and ninja tokens to unlock bonus levels.

Levels can be changed by performing jumps. To overcome large abysses the double jump needs to be applied: In the middle of the air your Ninja can jump off again. You have to avoid obstacles and defeat attacking enemies. If you defeat a dangerous ninja star or jump on a squirrel, a window opens that has to be completed by defeating the same kind of opponent three times in a row. Your bonus: Lightning-fast animals to ride on or a disc that lets you fly.

This is a Runner with crystal clear drawings and funny ideas. Even as an inexperienced player you will not get frustrated: Once you have figured out how to apply the Ninja’s skills, you can get very far – using, for example, the “double-jump” or riding on the animals.

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NinJump Rooftops