Nest: Google gives us a taste of the future

Nest: Google gives us a taste of the future

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For approximately 3 billion dollar search engine giant Google bought a company called Nest. The app “Nest”, which is available in the App Store, lets you know what is behind the deal – and more. The download is free. Using your smartphone you can use the app to control the so-called Smart Home Automation.

Nest produces, among other things, heating, thermostat and smoke detectors. The app lets you establish an interconnected household. It serves as a remote control for appliances. Although Nest products are not available in all countries around the world, the app “Nest” will give you a taste of what can be expected in the coming years: Controlling your home via an app. You will be able to turn on the heat, or operate light sources. Interesting: Behind the scenes of “Nest” are almost 100 former Apple engineers, including Tony Fadell – the co-creator of the legendary iPods. What a crazy concept, to think that an ex top associate of Apple is paving the way for Google’s future.

“Nest” is one of the first apps for Smart Home Automation. It offers the opportunity to control devices in your home from anywhere in the world.

+ Minimalist app, just like the Nest products
+ Easy to use
+ A taste of what‘s to come