Mr Bloc: Lets move some blocks!

Mr Bloc: Lets move some blocks!

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Your task is to fill up the screen with different geometric blocks. The little squares get large and pudgier with the tap of your finger. Various obstacles and walls interfere with the growth of the blocks and prevent them from slipping into the correct position. It is helpful if you are somewhat familiar with the laws of gravity.

As you get more into the game you will discover ways to collect stars – a maximum of three per level. The challenges include the following: Fill up a certain percentage of the display with blocks, stay within the specified time limit and use only a certain amount of blocks. If you can accomplish everything, you will be rewarded with three stars. 20 stars let you unlock a new chapter.

The app offers an easy to understand gameplay, features clear comic graphics and cute looking blocks. It is a nice pastime for in between.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
+ No in-app purchases