Move Wood HD: Tricky Puzzle on the iPad

Move Wood HD: Tricky Puzzle on the iPad

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Move Wood HD for the iPad can be played for free on the Apple Tablet. You are challenged to move virtual wooden blocks in such a way that the central block can be pushed towards the exit. It is an amusing and tricky task – the idea, however, is not new. Apps like Blue Block are basically doing the same thing, but have been present in the Store for much longer.

All you zealous puzzlers can look forward to a package of 200 levels. If you don’t mind the ad banners on top of the screen, you can spend a few hours solving the tricky puzzles. Advertising may be removed via in-app purchase. The developer is also offering tips for anyone that gets stuck in a level. Available are packages with either 90 or 199 tips.

Move Wood HD for the iPad is well suited for in between. It provides tricky challenges – even if the game idea of the app is not completely new.

+ 200 free levels
+ Simple but tricky gameplay
– Tips only via in-app purchase
– So far no additional level packs are available

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