Monokrom Photo Editor: Creating a unique work of art

Monokrom Photo Editor: Creating a unique work of art

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According to Wikipedia the term “monochromatic” is used to refer to a photo which only contains shades of gray, or shades of a single color. Therefore, the name of the app Monokrom Photo Editor perfectly describes the purpose of the app. You are creating images in one shade of color – which is far from being monotonous.

Anyone that has a passion for black and white photography will appreciate this application. It only takes two buttons to choose the appropriate settings. The program lets you edit images, but they are never overwritten. If you don’t like what you created, you can simply forget about the picture – the original will always be preserved.

Your work of art is being stored in the camera roll. Naturally, the results may be shared via relevant social networks – and used to impress friends.

Monokrom Photo Editor is an easy-to-use app that helps to set artistic accents, and is sure to please even professional photographers.

+ Universal app
+ Extremely easy to use
+ All photos may be shared
+ Good results

0.99 $ - Universal
Monokrom B&W Photo Editor