Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft announced: Modern Combat 5: Blackout will launch July 24th on iOS and Android

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Here are the top facts regarding MC5:
  • MC5 will cost $ 6,99 and will have no IAPs at launch.
  • The game offers 4 playable solider classes, each with its own upgrade tree: Assault, Sniper, Heavy and Recon. The classes can be used across both single and multiplayer.
  • The game features a unified progression system across single and multiplayer: each single player mission or multiplayer match earns XP that goes towards leveling-up your class and mastering your weapons.
  • The single player campaign stars fast paced, engaging story missions and also introduces the all new Spec-Ops missions. The Spec-Ops missions are short, fun and objective-driven: cover your allies, clear the room, eliminate the target and many more.
  • New single player gameplay features: sniper bullet control, scanning drone and revive.
  • High powered multiplayer with Squad VS Squad multiplayer matches. MC5 will allow players to form persistent squads with their friends or people they meet in the game and then engage in Squad vs Squad matches with other squads from all over the world.
  • Multiplayer matches of up to 6 vs 6 players;
  • Two military support multiplayer packs (kill streaks packs) with a total of 6 abilities: Airstrike, Bomber, Assistant drone, Auto-turret, EMP and Recon Helicopter;
  • Global and squad chat;
  • Top-notch graphic effects: real-time shadows, ragdoll physics, SSAO, soft particles, spherical harmonics and many more.