Mimesis: Memory Puzzle with addiction potential

Mimesis: Memory Puzzle with addiction potential

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Mimesis: Memory Puzzle with addiction potential

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8 Gameplay
8 Controls
7 Sound & Graphics
10 Replay Value

The screen displays twelve different colored dots that light up randomly. The objective is to remember the sequence and re-enter it. Initially things are pretty easy. However, it does get more difficult with each level and your memory will be challenged. Absolute concentration is required. The statistic of your last 30 games acts as an incentive. A diagram lets you know if your performance increased or decreased. Your best result, and also – without any mercy – your worst one will be indicated in a separate display.

This is once again a Puzzler that provides easy to understand gameplay – yet, after just a short period of time, things get incredibly difficult. Also, beware of the addiction potential. The developer recommends to come up with a strategy that lets you remember the sequences. A tip for absolutely desperate players: Record the sequence with a second device …

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
– In-app purchases

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Mimesis - memory challenge

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