mehr-tanken: Finding the best gas prices made easy

mehr-tanken: Finding the best gas prices made easy

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You probably don’t wait until you are almost out of gas before you pull into a gas station. Being smart when it comes to filling your tank can save money. Simply locate the places that offer the lowest gas prices. All it takes is one look at the app mehr-tanken, and you have access to appropriate and useful information.

The program is connected to the official market transparency agency, which offers real-time prices of approximately 14,000 gas stations. Sometimes 250,000 price updates are being provided on a daily basis. The app is easy to use and guarantees that you have a little more money in your wallet.

Anyone that drives a car should have mehr-tanken on his smartphone. The current price quotes save quite a bit of money and always locate the cheapest gas station in the vicinity.

+ Up-to-date prices
+ Easy to operate
+ Non-cash benefit
+ Checks out an incredible number of gas stations

mehr-tanken - Save smart!