Mega Dead Pixel: Glorious retro fun

Mega Dead Pixel: Glorious retro fun

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Many developers are bringing back the good old days in form of revived retro games. This one is a wonderful example of a new game in the old pixel style that is still completely convincing. Your job is to grow pixels, which should, as the name indicates, develop into a Mega Dead Pixel.

Best of all, the game is free and universal. Mega Dead Pixel will definitely captivate you. You start out as a small pixel that grows into XXL format with the help of power-ups. Prove how skillful you are by cleverly avoiding pixel-style shapes and make sure your pixel bar keeps increasing. Caution: if you collide and crash the round is, unfortunately, over.

Mega Dead Pixel is a must-have for all you retro fans and pixel lovers. It is a wonderfully old-fashioned game that even in this day and age generates excitement amongst young and old alike.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod, iPad
+ Funny gameplay
+ Retro charm