MacGyver Deadly Descent: Become a savvy Puzzle Hero

MacGyver Deadly Descent: Become a savvy Puzzle Hero

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MacGyver Deadly Descent: Become a savvy Puzzle Hero

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7 Gameplay
8 Controls
8 Sound & Graphics
8 Replay Value

In this Puzzle Game the main character of the 80s series “MacGyver” is being reactivated. Before you get going, a comic introduces you to the story: Because of a computer virus the scientists of D.A.W.N. have been imprisoned underground in airtight rooms. You take on the role of MacGyver and have to work your way room by room through the building to free the researchers. Instead of shooting your way through the adventure, you need to solve approximately 100 puzzles and riddles. For example, you have to disable security barriers by redirecting laser beams, connect cables or activate switches to open rooms. The faster you work, the more rewards you receive in form of bonuses.

This is a game that will not only delight MacGyver fans. The tricky Physic Puzzles get increasingly more difficult, the interactive 3D graphics and the comic introduction are nice to look at – and a bit of humor is included as well.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
+ No in-app purchases
+ Part of the proceeds go to the MacGyver Foundation
– No help function